Friday 13 June 2008


"I buy one pig a month. I can't afford any more. I've no idea whether this is enough, but it keeps the Beast alive. He's grown so big. I'm going crazy with worry someone will discover him."

Stephen is a boy with a dangerous secret. For four years he has kept a terrifying creature locked up in a remote hiding place. Once just a vicious litle baby, it is now a powerful predator, big and hungry enough to break free from its rusting cage.

Stephen has other problems. A mother he never sees, and a father he wishes were dead. His foster family are scare of him - he's not a boy who plays by the rules. But his extraordinary struggle to free himself of his Beast makes him a hero you will never forget.

"Ally Kennen is a gripping and original new children's novelist... I really love this book" Amanda Craig, The Times

"Beast has a tension that never lets up. Ally Kennen is already a remarkable assured writer" The Independent

"An exceptional first novel" Books for Keeps
Beast has been shortlisted for:
Carnegie Medal 2007
Branford Boase Award 2007
Booktrust Teenage Prize 2006
Bolton Book Award
Leicester Book Award
Berkshire Book Award
Winner of the Manchester Book Award 2007
Shortlisted for the Gustav-Heinemann-Friedenspreis
Published in 13 languages

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Anonymous said...

Omgg Im Reading Beast Now! Its Amazing, My Head Is Jus Stuck In It! I Jus Got It From The School Libary Yesterday And Im Already On 8! I Love Your Books, Your an Amazing Writer !

Anonymous said...

I'm reading your book Beast at the moment, it is amazing. Where do you get all your ideas from?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your message. My parents fostered teenagers from when I was four until I was an adult, so much of BEAST was inspired by my experiences...not the creature in the cage though..

Book lover said...

I love your books. I've read beast and berserk and i love them. I thought berserk was insparationly amazing.I can only hope there will be another book on selby who sounds intreaging. Continue the devine wook Miss or Mrs Kennen.

Anonymous said...

ive read beast once before and now im reading it again, im struggling to put it down, i was wondering what the beast is, it kind of sounds like a crocodile.

Anonymous said...

this book sucks