Tuesday 5 April 2011


Had a good day on Friday 1st April in Birmingham. I talked to over 300 children (crikey) Congratulations to Pat Walsh with THE CROWFIELD CURSE for winning the award. SPARKS and WARRIOR SHEEP were runners up. Met some very cool kids and some very hard working librarians. Here I am with Christopher and Christine Russell, authors of the fantastic WARRIOR SHEEP series. Now I want a SPARKS T. Shirt!


Pat Walsh said...

Hello Ally, I was so disappointed not to have been there on Friday - it sounds like you all had a really good time. I'll be going to Birmingham to meet some of the children involved in the award later in the summer, but it would have been lovely to have met you, Christine and Christopher too. Congrats on the shortlist - I've read Sparks and I really enjoyed it.

Ally said...

Hi Pat, thanks for your message. We were so sorry to hear about your leg, hope you are better soon.
Congratulations again!
Hopefully we will meet some other time (hopefully at another awards ceremony!)
All the best