Sunday, 12 June 2011


So when I was doing A level history, last century, my buddies and I thought it highly amusing to burst into class, pretending to have bound feet, in the style of long-ago sophisticated chinese ladies. We were studying this at the time, you see, and the practice was so GROSS and unlikely, we could be jovial about it. Ha ha ha. Haven't we women moved on.
Will future swotty lassies be chortling away as they learn that some females in the UK in 21st century injected POISON into their faces to make their muscles stop working, and therefore amass less wrinkles?
Are we completely nuts?
I could write all this off, adult women, free to make their own barmy choices etc etc, BUT for seeing in a lovely high street women's clothing shop, which sells very pretty lil girls clothes HIGH HEELS FOR TWO/THREE YEAR OLDS! size 07...
Arrrghh (mad screams) leave them alone ! We're not talking stilettos here but still a heel big enough to wrench an ankle and alter walking. My daughter (age six) would love these shoes. Lots of small girls like sparkly and grown up, they love the stuff pedalled in the shops. Of course I won't bloomin buy them for her, but she will SEE and WANT and think that this is NORMAL for her to want. And these teeny teeny shoes for fat little pudgy feet, only been walking for eighteen months, already strapping up and making infants toddle are SICK! Dressing up in mum's shoes is one thing, selling heels to infants, still young enough to poo themselves, but not young enough for horrible manipulative marketeers to entice into completely unsuitable shoes, is quite different.
Leave the kids alone! sell them gold glittery wellies if you have to, or pink ribboned trainers, but NOT foot torture for tots. Little girls will think this is what they need to wear... and if they see one of their kind wearing them at a party, they will all want them.
What next, BOTOX after circle time?
Too, too young....little girls should be scribbling and laughing and chucking things about, not lured, treacherously toddling, onto the dark continuum of female vanity... not yet...

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