Tuesday 23 October 2012

Mydnight Pierats proof readin updayte

No bad spellin' will escape meye eagle glaze, rest ashured dere readurs.

Ay'm goin over the prooffs, looooking for tyypos and booc bugs like bad spellin', lak of conzistency (as if!) too meny sad-case egclmashun marks and general tom -foolery!!!!!!!
Mydnight Pyratzes, about free kids ho try to run a hotle in Cornwall by themselfs!!!!wiv unspected conzequences!!!! (naturerally) !!!!is dew too bee poblished in Janyouary 2013.!!!!
am on caze   .
Am lyke puntuashion top-notcha warrior, my Backspace key iz my sworde.!!!
swishy swsh

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