Thursday 16 May 2013


All right. Very rarely I am asked EXACTLY what singing and songwriting I mention in my BIOG. (And NO I will not sing at your book event unless you provide an 11 piece band, thank you very much) (though I did sing a Pentangle folk song at a book festival in Sardinia once, but was under EXTREME pressure, so it served them right)
SO here is a selection.

Epiphany  (above)  is a track I wrote and recorded with Dan Brown a few years ago..

Here'sn a track I recorded for band Elevator Suite, a cover of Idris Muhammad's 'I Feel Music'

I co-wrote a song with Dance band Way Out West about a hundred years ago. Here is the mix I like best (bit sad and gloomy mind)

Ha ha ha!!

I never knew this existed. It's a version of the song 'Silence' by the excellent Sarah McLachlan. In my 20's I did a number of singing sessions for international DJ Steve Hill, recording songs like this for a session fee, with the brief to try and make them sound as much like the original as possible, which were then turned into banging hard house and trance mixes(!) (most of them I never knew about) I've started to track some of them down. Goodness me! I'm not on the credits, but it is me warbling away. Anyway, this track is rather good fun (said in Jolly Aunty Voice)

Might post some more tracks here at a later date WATCH OUT!

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