Tuesday 15 March 2011

UKLA award news BIG entry WITH PICTURES

Hurrah! Sparks has been shortlisted for the UKLA children's book awards, the ceremony will be in July. http://www.ukla.org/news/
This is very good news indeed.

Work on the new teen novel continues. I have been looking at shot guns and rifles,
watching buzzards and pestering the army, oh and writing...

I am in Birmingham on Thursday for The Education Show at the NECC (last time I was there I was on stage in a silver dress and huge boots singing at Gatecrasher, maybe, ahem, about ten years ago now.. my how times change...)
Anyway on Thursday I will not be singing or dancing to 'Progressive Trance' or whatever it was called but reading from my book 'The Hedgehog Mystery' which was written for the fantastic school reading series, Collins Big Cat, and answering questions.


Wednesday 2 March 2011


Go read! Go buy/borrow a book! Dress up as your fav fictional character. Why not?

world book day logoworld book day logoworld book day logo

Here at Kennen Towers am agonising over the title for my new book... which is only half way through the 1st draft. My first drafts are always like having lots of small energetic pixies running howling in all directions. I have a firm suggestion for a title which is fantastic, but it's like naming your children, full of GREAT RESPONSIBILITY and DREAD. What if your Algernon turns out to be more of a Dwayne? Your Jane more of a Chrystal?
Watch this space. I may make a special WORLD BOOK DAY announcement as to the new title tomorrow.

Tuesday 1 March 2011


I'll be at Taunton Waterstone's for World Book Night, March 5th. 6-8pm along with eight other authors.
There will be free books to the first people through the door (not sure what book) wine and book signing and selling and chat.

Had a good visit today to Thornton Heath Library. Hello St Cyprians School! Great to meet you...
If you had any more questions, do ask them here...