Friday 18 November 2016

THE EVERYTHING MACHINE! New Book, out in Feb 2017

So my new book,'THE EVERYTHING MACHINE,'is going to be published in February 2017.
It's for readers roughly from 8 +
Olly, 11, receives the wrong delivery. The giant crate does not contain a rabbit hutch from eBay, no! instead it is a NASA BSA MOD prototype-cutting edge, one of a kind, 3D printing machine.
But this machine doesn't just make anything Olly wants, it also appears to.. think...

From endless sweets and swimming pools, to a 'replacement' and wayward robotic Dad, this story whips up school discos, moody sisters, spy drones,  government secret-secret service, mother-kidnapping and culminates in a crazy struggle in an international Server farm, where the data of billions of people is at risk, and far worse, the total destruction of MAZZO, the  computer game that every child in the world is obsessed with.

This is a funny adventure story, aimed at kids who like playing computer games, eating sweets and those who would go to extreme lengths to get someone else to clear up their bedroom.

var virus = generateHappyMumVirus();

How can this line of code cause Global Mayhem? And how can two FORWARD SLASHES // save the world? (or at least, the virtual one?)