Friday 21 June 2013

Reading Challenge

Tomorrow I will be Guest Speaker at Taunton Preparatory School Parents' Day.
I am planning to set an epic reading challenge. I was very inspired by my trip to Tavistock College, Carnegie Medal shadowing event, (Congratulations to Sally Gardner and Maggot Moon who won the medal this year) where I met 3 girls from a Plymouth school, who had read all the books on the longlist, that's over 50 books in 5 months, and they were reading them for pleasure!

Here are just some of the children's books that I think are fantastic (this is my only criteria) that I'm going to challenge the children to read, for the sheer love of reading, in the next few years. There are many many more I think should be included but I won't have time tomorrow to mention them all. (or fit them in the crate)

What books would you have on your challenge list?