Wednesday 15 October 2008

Trip to Milan and Sardinia

Thanks to my Italian publishers, Il Castoro, I've just been to Milan and Sardinia on a whirl wind tour of events and nice dinners...

Visited La Libreria dei Ragazzi, the fabulous children's bookshop in Milan, and met the legendary Roberto Denti.

Then on to Cagliari for the BESTIVAL book amazing event with loads of children's authors and illustrators and madness.
And of course, the 'poo' exhibition....


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ally i'm giorgia, the girl that made the Mostrillo's in Bestival!!! many compliments for your books. cheers from CAGLIARI!!! (i'm paola's malgrati Friend.. do you remember me??)

if you have a Photo with your son and mostrillo send me to