Friday 22 October 2010


like reading books? why not write one?

I am going to try to fire out the first draft of a new book this November along with the crazed organisation that is NANOWRIMO. You write 50,000 words in a month. That's 1667 words a day. I did my first drafts of SPARKS and BERSERK this way, and most of it was dreadful, and I had to throw most of it away. But some of it was ok! and it is great to have something to work with rather than the empty screen.

Why don't YOU try and write a novel in November too? (but don't make it too good because I don't want to be out of a job!)


Jessica Kemmish said...

Hey ally im from Haygrove school nd this is my storey that I was writing-I even edited it!!! Well here it is:


I felt distorted all of a sudden. Seeing your eyes so hard, so cold and beautiful, eyes staring but not seeing. Like a heavily venomous snake had just struck me in it’s elegant dance. Its deadly venom now running through my veins, thickening my blood and soon, too soon, it would devour me. My mind at this point was desperately searching for an explanation in my scattered brain. Yet I knew deep down it would never find one. For as I looked down and saw those familiar black eyes staring up at me I knew that I was broken. Now the only question left was when I would go. For my only choice was to follow in his footsteps. There was nothing left for me here.

Then as the seconds rolled on my body finally caught up to the rest of me. My eyes were wet and the tears dragged down my face, rolling off my chin. Wild whimpers escaped my parted lips. My usually sturdy legs buckled, as my knees gave way and I fell to the ground. I curled up and wept hopelessly. There was no escape from reality, not tonight. Eventually I drifted uneasily into unconsciousness, having cried until my eyes ran dry and my shirt was stained with saltwater. I tossed all night in my rough slumber, there, on the vast green ocean of grass in the colossal park.

As the clouds were turning a gentle violet to great the rise of the sun I woke. My eyes still sore after being beaten so by my relentless tears. As I had slept my mind had been working, though my body lay still. I had decided my fate. I would allow myself one month in which to collect and organise myself then I would leave this damned earth. For not even this beautiful Pandora had anything left for me now. I had no one and nothing. So why should I stay. When my hopes and dreams lay shattered and my only love still and dead on the floor.

Hope you liked it!!!

Ally said...

Thanks Jessica, I look at this very soon and get back to you, well done! speedy story writing!