Wednesday 1 December 2010


Scrappy, a 15 year old boy who lives in a breakers yard, is being sent crazy anonymous dares. Once he gets caught up in them, he finds he can't stop, and the last challenges send him to the very edge...
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Anonymous said...

I just finished Quarry today - I loved it! I literally could not put it down. Are you writing any more books? All of them are really interesting!

Ally said...

Thank you. That's lovely to hear.
have you worked your way through BEAST, BERSERK, BEDLAM and BULLET BOYS yet?
Also my dad likes Sparks best, even though it is supposed to be for slightly younger readers , starting at age about 9.

I am just editing a book called MIDNIGHT PIRATES. which is also for the 9 plus market, though the children involved are 10, 13 and 16.
It's about 3 kids who try to run a beach hotel, by themselves. things go wrong very quickly and mayhem errupts,involving james bond style antics, sharks, ships and surfing.
Hopefully it will be publishing in January 2013. cheers Ally K