Monday, 10 January 2011


Somerset County Council has gone mad! It is proposing to CLOSE twenty libraries, to cut mobile libraries from 6 to 2 and to reduce opening hours at the remainder.

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This is to save cash as the council is vastly in debt. But as a percentage, the money saved from closing libraries is teeny compared to the overall budget, but the effects of library closures will be vast and long reaching.

The libraries will be lost, maybe forever.

What message does the council think this is giving to children about the importance of reading, literacy, education and measured, researched learning?

How dare the council decide for us that our written history; our fiction, research, science, geography, EVERYTHING in fact, is not ours to access? (Especially as we have paid our council tax for this service already!!)

This is an Orwellian-style offensive of cold statistics, that saving pounds, is more important that the right of every citizen to educate themselves, and have access to, and enjoy, a treasure house of information, stories, tapes, CDs, our human heritage, skilled librarians and so on into infinity.

Do these people wish us to become a nation of ignorant ROBOTS? Where is THE JOY??? (And this August council has also decided to cut 100% of Arts Funding)

A few suggestions ;)

ASK THE STAFF HOW THEY COULD SAVE MONEY IN THEIR DEPTS. They'll have a better idea than anyone.

rant over, for now. do get involved and sign the online petition.

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