Tuesday 6 September 2011

Books Update and first lines

I've just finished going through the first proofs of BULLET BOYS, it's always exciting to see the book look more bookish. I've scribbled over it in red pencil which feels efficient. Hopefully at some point there will be a bound proof, (at this time I'll let my mother read it!)
I've done the same with DAYBREAK, my new book for Collins Big Cat school reading series, both are publishing in January 2012.  A fast-paced start to the new year...
On another note,
My six year old is starting to read and is sneaking copies of my books off and trying to read the first few lines, so I've been  going back and checking to see if they are suitable...or not  eeek!
Most of my books are for 11/12+  apart from SPARKS and my Big Cat books
I love reading first lines in bookshops. It's a great way to scramble up one's thoughts! (not that mine need scrambling at the moment)
First sentences of some of my books....

'Here is a list of the ten worst things I have done.'     -  BEAST, Marion Lloyd Books 2006

'It was Devil who had my finger.'     -  BERSERK, Marion Lloyd Books 2007

'Mother says girls shouldn't go out at night.'    - BEDLAM, Marion Lloyd Books 2009

'Rain dribbled down Carla's neck as she slipped and skidded over the muddy river path.' - SPARKS, Marion Lloyd Books  2010

'I thought he was dead this time.'  -  QUARRY, Marion Lloyd Books 2011

and a special preview!

'Alex never killed hares.'  BULLET BOYS  , Marion LLoyd Books, publishing in January 2012

Favourite first lines?


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