Wednesday 4 January 2012

BULLET BOYS is published tomorrow!

Fireworks, clinking of glasses, rustling of pages, roaring. The countdown has begun for the official publication day. All right, some  copies are in the shops already and can be ordered online but Thursday 5th January is the official book birthday for my new teen novel BULLET BOYS.

The book is set on and around Dartmoor and is about Alex, a cool-headed, crack-shot gamekeeper's son, Max, a turbulent and mixed-up trouble-maker who has been kicked out of his posh school for extremely bad behaviour and Levi, a friendly shrewd boy who holds the gang together.

This unlikely set ricochet off a young squad of local army recruits. And when the boys discover something very real and deadly, buried in a bog in the depths of a military training ground on the moor, explosive events are set in motion.

       A man hunt, with armed soldiers, takes place on the moors, with unexpected and terrifying results.
For a review, see below....

I will post some extra notes about some of the adventures I had in the creation of the book tomorrow...on publication day.


Harris said...

i have posted on your blog before when i read "berserk" since then i have read "beast", "quarry" and i have just got "bullet Boys". looks like a good book and i am just about to start to read it. thanks!

aged 14

Ally said...

Hello Harris, nice to have you back! I hope you enjoy reading Bullet Boys. After that, if you want more, there's always BEDLAM, it has plenty of action with Lexi, from Berserk and a wild boy called Kos, with his pack of stolen feral dogs! Maybe in your library?
Happy Reading