Wednesday 29 February 2012

Bullet Boys Podcast News and more

Bullet Boys is mentioned on The Guardian's BOOKS BLOG.

I recorded a podcast for The Guardian a few weeks ago which I believe will be featured within the teen pages in a week or so. I've also written a blog entry about BULLET BOYS and lots more stuff is planned for the next few weeks.

I'll be attending the Leeds Book Awards on May the 24th. (Quarry has been shortlisted)

I snuck into THAT dinner last Thursday (The Book People Gala Dinner) as a guest of my buddy, author Elen Caldecott  and it was most exciting. I saw lots of Authors, wore high heels for the first time in my life (sad I know) and donated a pristine copy of Fungus The Bogeyman (is that an oxymoron?) by Raymond Briggs.

I SAW Jacqueline Wilson. I did! AND KORKY PAUL (faints) I leered at Patrick Ness from behind a pillar, informed Jamie Oliver his wife should write a book about toddlers (failing to mention the glorious food). I wittered  about worms to Axel Scheffler, challenged Catherine Bruton to a height contest and addressed Andy Stanton as 'Mr Poo Bus' (I'd never met him before)

A career in PR for me??

All this would pass for wit in my corner of Somerset.....but at least I didn't fall down the stairs in my high heels (cramp)

OH, and I heard Mr Morpurgo sing 'John Barleycorn,' which was lovely, like being in the pub on folk night, and then Anthony 'Alex Rider' Horowitz  made a scary speech (remind me never to offer him a choice of mugs) which caused gurning and then smiles of relief.

Here is a pic of me and Elen on the red carpet. (Elen is the beauty in red, I am the one who is about to fall over)

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