Tuesday 20 May 2014

Ha! New Book News.

I don't print out my manuscripts until at least the 3rd draft, so when I do, it is a BIG DAY.
 So today is a BIG DAY!

Here is PROOF of my manuscript. I promise it is not all blank pages inside. It is about 60,000 words long and is roughly for 8-14 year olds

Current titles are
1) The Nothings
2)The Extraordinary Gifts of Donald Memphis
3) How to Kill a Ghost

What do you think??????? ????? ?????

I still have to go through it and cut out a few (thousand) words, and go through my notes and write in changes and do some doodles because I'd love there to be some illustrations (not by me in final version)

This book will be sent to my editor at Scholastic this week and hopefully she will like it. (eeekk)
Then there will be more editing over the summer (or a complete rewrite if it is all pants) and fingers crossed it will be published in January next year.

So it is still very rough, like it has crawled out of a marsh, but over the next few months I, with my editor's guidance, will polish and buff and bully it until it is as sleek and sparkling as it can be...

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Unknown said...

I'm sure you've decided by now, but I've just seen this. As a child 'The Nothings' would have immediately grabbed me.