Wednesday 7 February 2018


So, I'm delighted to introduce my new'ish book. 'The Secret Viking Adventure.' This was first published as 'SPARKS' in 2010 but now it has a new title and a great new cover. I  am still looking for an English essay, 'The Last Request' which I wrote for my GCSE coursework, which became SPARKS. I have it in a box somewhere, complete with red-biro teacher comments...

It's about 3 kids who want to give their beloved Grandad a Viking funeral. I think readers aged 8 -14 would enjoy it.... (though my Dad says of all the books I've written, it's his favourite)

I'm very pleased my story has the chance to set sail again.


Cara Pemupukan Cabe said...

I am very pleased as well, well done

Emma said...

Hello I have just read your book sparks and it is definitely one of my favourite books so far, I was wondering if you could answer his question that I have for you. Which one of your books do you like the most. I am about to read another one of your books, I am going to read midnight pirates.