Friday 15 January 2010




has a beautiful emotional intelligence and humour that make its suspense all the more enjoyable. It is one of the best new books for 9+ out this year. --The Times
Enterprising writing of a high calibre. --Independent on Sunday
Inventive, funny and moving family adventure ... one of the season s stand-outs particularly when original novels for this age group are so scarce. --Children's Bookseller
The Guardian review
When Carla's beloved Grandpa dies, she is inconsolable. Then she finds a secret letter, and decides to give him the end he always wanted. A Viking funeral, in a burning boat heading out to sea. Carla and her siblings set out on a crazy and dangerous race against time to achieve the impossible. SPARKS is a dark, funny and moving story about love, death, sailing and coffin-stealing from a very popular, original and award-winning children's writer. Ally Kennen is the acclaimed author of teen novels BEAST, BERSERK and BEDLAM. SPARKS is her first book for readers of 9 and up.


Daniel said...

Hi again,

Please could you give an address were i can send my book to you and get it signed?


Darcey said...

hello ally - ur the best author ever - i was just wondering if this book has as much swearing in it!?

LoL I love ur books and i've brought one back from to read 'BESERK' lovin it!

Darcey said...


Anonymous said...

just out of intrest wat was the song u wrote and sang?

Ally said...

hi Dan. to get ur book signed, send with your name and address to

Ariella Feiner
United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street

It will then reach me, I'll sign it, and send it back to you! simple!

Ally said...

Thanks Darcey. I don't think this book - Sparks- has any swearing in it!

Ally said...

hello anonymous.
song i co wrote and sang (amongst others!!) with a band called 'way out West' song is called 'Intensify.'
another groovy track ' 'i feel music' with '''''Elevator suite..

Darcey said...

i was wonderin if i could send u ma book aswell


Shining Star said...


I'm also a writer, myself and i can say that your book is out-from the ordinary, that's the key to instant publicity :P

Beast was a rather good one - it's good to see a hero, who indluges in crime, instead of one, who is "just perfect", lol

i've a doubt...are all your books interlinked, or is it just the first two? (excuse my ignorance, i've only read the first one)

Natalie Goulding said...
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